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Extremophiles of organisms

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The evidence indicates that the early earth that did not support life in the same fashion it does now. Temperatures, different gases and other physical conditions were much more extreme over greater areas than they are today. Organisms that appeared had to be adapted to those conditions, not today’s conditions. Is there evidence that life had evolved to survive in those conditions?

In this discussion, please present your view of the early conditions on earth that might have affected the traits of organisms living in that environment and how life may have formed. Explain how extremophiles represent examples of those organisms.

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Extremophiles of organisms

Extremophiles are organisms that have been discovered on earth that survive in environments that were once tho...
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Extremophiles of organisms

Fossil-bearing rocks from all "ages" reveal that a worldwide warm climate once existed, with no distinct climatic zones such as we now have. For example, palm trees and giant ferns grew in the far north and far south. These were buried at the time of the Flood, providing evidence what the local climate used to be at that time. Prior to the Flood, the climate worldwide was warm and uniformly pleasant. "In those days [when the dinosaurs lived] the earth had a tropical or sub-tropical climate over much of its land surface, and in the widespread tropical lands there was an...
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