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SCIE206 Unit 4 Individual Project 4 Complete project Needed

Length: 2-4 pages Details: The human body is truly remarkable and is designed to function effectively. Organs are important structures composed of different tissues that facilitate specific functions within the body. Organs function as part of an integrated group of structures known as organ systems. These organ systems form the organizational units that are responsible for crucial processes necessary for sustaining life. Examples of organ systems include but are not limited to the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, the excretory system, the endocrine system and the respiratory system. Even organ systems do not function alone. These systems work together, interacting with other organs in a functional network that keeps the body in balance. (Look up the term homeostasis in your text.) When homeostasis or the normal functioning of organ systems is disrupted, disease may develop causing injury to the body, or even death. In this assignment, you will explore organ systems, as well as associated diseases or malfunctions. Assignment details: Take a look at the following case studies that detail an outcome associated with a disease/organ malfunction. Select one study to investigate further for your assignment. Critically evaluate the information provided and correlate it with the organ systems that are affected in the scenario. Use the information that you have gathered to answer the assignment questions that follow the case study. For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, the AIU Library, Web resources, and course materials.
Case Study 1: Atherosclerosis is narrowing of arteries caused by the accumulation of fatty deposits on the arterial walls. On June 22, 2002 the St. Louis Cardinals were preparing for their upcoming baseball game against the Chicago cubs. Concern arose when their prized pitcher, 33-year old Darryl Kile did not show up for practice. Soon after, he was found still in his hotel room where he had suddenly died in his sleep (New York Times, 2002). It was discovered that the cause of death was related to three of his coronary arteries being 80-90% blocked as a result of atherosclerosis (New York Times, 2002), which ultimately caused him to undergo a heart attack. Answer the following assignment questions:
1.Why would atherosclerosis result in a heart attack? Provide a brief explanation based on how the heart functions.
2.How are arteries different from veins and capillaries? Describe the functions of both.
3.Vertebrates and some invertebrates have a closed circulatory system. Explain the advantage of having a closed circulatory system over an open circulatory system?
4.Briefly explain how the lymphatic system is associated with the circulatory system?
5.Describe one disease that affects the lymphatic vessels similarly to the way that atherosclerosis affects the arteries?
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SCIE206:Unit 4 Individual Project

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