About Us

Tutorial Answer is the marketplace for buying and selling homework study guides. As a student, you have to produce volumes of documents throughout the year; summaries, class notes, study guides, surveys, case studies, essays and of course, your thesis. What many students don’t realize, is that they themselves own the copyright on their written work. You write all these documents, of course, with the ultimate goal of achieving your profession or study. But what if you could earn a little money along the way? 

By rewarding writers for the hours they spend on their study guides, Tutorial Answer creates an environment where knowledge and skills become valuable.

Tutorial Answer offers students the chance to sell study notes online so you can make the most of your laborious studies. Student life is often an uphill battle. Funds are low, motivation is drained and incentives seem distant. But stress less. With Tutorial Answer's online student platform, you can sell study notes and inject some funds into your PayPal account. This provides a well-needed incentive to succeed in your studies. Making effective study notes will boost your grades and give you a little extra cash to keep your social life afloat.

So, why sell your study notes?

  • Besides the obvious reason of making the most of the work you have already done, selling your study notes can teach you some valuable lessons in entrepreneurship.
  • Money is a constant battle for students, why not get paid for all your hard work?
  • Beef up those student loan repayments, buy your significant other an awesome present, or (most likely) replenish your beer kitty.
  • Once you are up and running and making money, you can always use it to buy great notes for one of your more taxing courses: work hard and double your productivity.

How do I sell study notes?

  • Tutorial Answer offers an online platform for students to upload their study notes, which can be accessed and bought by other students around the world.
  • Every time a fellow student downloads your notes, you earn money which will be transferred into your PayPal account.
  • So get on the gravy train and let studying be your part-time job!
  • In other words; earn money for studying!

How does the Tutorial Answer site work?

  • First of all, Students retains ownership of their notes. Tutorial Answer just provides the platform for your 'knowledge store' from which other students can buy your notes.
  • Tutorial Answer will provide support in setting up and managing your account.
  • You set the price for your study notes.
  • Tutorial Answer takes care of all the marketing, all you need to do is hit the books and upload your notes.
  • Star ratings and preview pages allow students to find quality notes quickly and efficiently.
  • The platform is aimed in a way that allows you to build your credentials, and in effect, your income from the site.

Some tips...

  • Offer the first few sets of your notes for free. That way you can get some well-needed ratings on your notes, and see how students like them. Once you have developed a presence, activity and some ratings you can put the price up.
  • Try adding benefits – have you got some past papers and answers you could upload to give students for free to attract them to your knowledge store?
  • Get creative about what you offer, and find out strategies that other top sellers are employing.

Other Ways to Attract your possible Downloaders:

  1. For example, you are studying 2nd year marketing, and you want to sell your marketing summaries upload a few past papers or type your own mini-study guide for marketing and put it in your knowledge store for free as this will attract possible buyers to your store. People love free stuff, so make sure you have some to get them to take notice, and boost your ratings!
  2. Upload your summaries and set your price, which you can always adjust! (Think happy hour for summaries where you drop your price for an hour and let everyone know!)
  3. Let your audience know about your knowledge store by sharing the links to your documents on Tutorial Answer. Great examples of places to share our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, email and posting on your student noticeboard.
  4. Use the Refer-a-friend marketing tool we have provided on your Tutorial Answer profile to get the word out that your knowledge store is officially open.

Remember, start uploading and start to sell study notes today!