Tutorial Answer charges nominal fees to help cover the cost of providing service. Here is a breakdown of what we charge. Please note that these fees are assessed at the time of the financial transaction, and are subject to change at any time. Please check this page often to see the most recent fee schedule.

Asking Questions:

Free! We do not charge fees for posting questions on the site.

Buying Tutorials:

Free! We do not charge fees for purchasing tutorials from other users.

Selling Tutorials:

18% or 40%. If your tutorial is purchased by the person who asked the question, you'll earn the bounty less 18%. That's about what it costs us to process the transactions and keep the kittens fed for you.

You'll make great money selling tutorials to the original question askers. But we're not leaving it at that. With Tutorial Answer, you'll make even more money selling your tutorials to lots of other people... tutorials can be sold dozens or even hundreds of times! In these cases, you'll get 60% of the bounty. That's totally free money.

Adding Funds:

Free: for deposit transactions of $5.00 or more. There is a $0.50 surcharge for deposit transactions below $5.00.

Withdrawing Funds:

$1.50. This flat fee (per withdrawal request) is used to reduce the fees PayPal charges on large withdrawals. Users with PayPal account will notice a significant reduction in their PayPal fees, as PayPal will not charge you fees outside of our flat fee.

Optional: Some users will be given the ability to perform a "rushed withdrawal". This will be charged a 3% withdrawal fee but you will receive your funds within 3-5 business days. This is a totally optional fee and the normal withdrawal fee above is unchanged.