STA 4210 Assignment Complete Solution

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STA 4210 Assignment Complete Solution

STA 4210 - Assignment

• Can work together but the work submitted must be uniquely yours.
• Three (3) pages, with no appendix. Be brief and to the point, each sentence should be 1-2 lines. Five (5) points will be deducted for each page over the limit.
• With each statement/conclusion you make, accompany ONLY the relevant computer output and/or hand calculations.
• Project needs to be neat, have a flow and easy to follow. Some handwriting is allowed.
• You are responsible for reading/inputting data into software (from its current format).

• Include some descriptive statistics before you perform inference.
• Build a viable model.
• Check validity and if necessary perform remedial measures.

1. In a biological experiment two methods in catching insects were performed, and the average number of insects caught in a set of field quadrants was tabulated in
In addition, average plant height (in cm) was also recorded. The goal is to be able to estimate the average insects (that would be caught by Method 1) using Method 2 as a predictor which is a least expensive method.


2. From the textbook for problem 12.13 do the following
(a) Do 12.13
(b) Estimate and coefficients 0 and 1 (untransformed) using the following methods
(i) Cochrane-Orcutt
(ii) Hildreth-Lu
(iii) First Difference
(c) Do 12.14 f and g, 12.15 f and g and 12.16 f and g

3. Data in from a small town transportation department was collected in 1999. Develop the “best” linear regression model using vehicle year as dependent/response variable. Write a short report that discusses the steps you took to develop the final model. In this problem you do not need to test assumptions etc, just to find the “best model” using the variables:
• Number of driving citations
• Vehicle year (last two digits)
• Driver sex (1 Male, 2 Female)
• Driver age
• Seat belt status (0 NA, 1 Fair, 2 Good, 3 Excellent)
• Law knowledge (0 None, 1 Fair, 2 Good, 3 Excellent)
• Employment status (1 Part-time, 2 Full-time)
• Years in state
• Number of registered vehicles in name
• Years of education
• Insurance certificate status (1 Presented at inspection, 2 Not presented)
• Insurance status (0 No, 1 Yes)

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STA 4210 - Assignment Complete Solution

data <- read.csv(file.choose(), header=T)
fit <- lm(Vehicleyear ~ Drivingcitation + Driversex + Driverage ...

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