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EC301 Intermediate Macroeconomics Park University

1) Write a paper analyzing different approaches that might be used by Keynesian theorists and

2) monetary theorists to promote long-run macroeconomic stability.

3) Examine the impact of persistent budget deficits on the trade deficit and analyze the options available to policy makers when national savings presents opportunities to improve the trade deficit.

4) Appraise the position of supply-side economists as it relates to government deficits.

5) Evaluate recent national economic policies as they relate to the magnitude of the trade deficit and

6) analyze the arguments for protectionist policies and the effect, if any, upon the trade deficit.

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EC301 Intermediate Macroeconomics - Park University

ensures the stability of the economy in long run. This basically emphasized on the fact that, the government and public sector companies should play a major role in decision making process for the economy (Kurihara, 2009). It clearly tells that private sector companies look in for only profits and they...

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